Construction of The World’s Largest Lasagna provided by:

Boy Scout Troop # 138 & #380, Girl Scout Troop #466, Freedom Middle School, Freedom High School, and Albert Galatin North Middle School.

Baking of The World’s Largest Lasagna provided by:

Jenny Lee Bakery & Mancinni’s Bread – Both located in McKee’s Rocks

Transportation of The World’s Largest Lasagna provided by

Pitt Ohio Express

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Place your bid on Ebay…

Time is running out if you’d like to purchase the entire World’s Largest Lasagna!  Check out eBay and bid to own our World Record Lasagna.  Remember 100% of the auction goes directly to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  Click Here!

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It’s an official World Record Attempt

The Guinness Book of World Records TM has received our application and contacted our restaurant to inform us that our attempt at a World Record is now an official Guinness World Record Attempt.

We owe many thanks to Ben Wexler with the Susan G. Komen staff for assisting us with contacting Guinness.  It wasn’t an easy task.  Although once contacted, the Guinness staff has been extremely helpful and timely.

On race day, we will have officials assigned to weighing, measuring, counting, and verifying our World Record Attempt.  Our completed application will be reviewed and we will hear in the next few weeks if our Lasagna will be qualified as an official Guinness World Record TM.


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Amazing People

Thank you to everyone involved in our Record Breaking event so far…

  • Dustin – The true leader of our Lasagna Preparation.  Working round the clock, determined to help “make it happen”.  Thanks for sacrificing so much time away from your family and that new video game.
  • Becky, Barb, Cindy, and Cindy – The lovely ladies from Neighbors in the Strip.  You all are so awesome.
  • Joyce from Nightwire – Thank you for helping advertise and round up the volunteers.
  • Joe from Mancini Bread in McKees Rocks – We really couldn’t do this without you….thank you for welcoming our idea with open arms and helping us support such a great organization.
  • Scott from Jenny Lee Bakery – An amazing guy who has gone all out to help us succeed in this World Record.

There are still so many people I must mention and I really hope to get the opportunity to personally thank every individual who takes part in our World Record.


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Time flies when you’re having fun…

Let’s try to catch everyone up….Sunday night deliver brought us:

Just wait…the really really fun part is coming…

Someone forgot to put the 1,284 pounds of Lasagna Noodles on the truck.  It wasn’t the drivers fault…in fact, I told him I’d put his picture on this site so he could show his family.  Give me another day or two and I’ll get those pictures online.  Well the fine folks at Sygma stepped up to the plate ( or in this case the lasagna pan ) and got us our Lasagna Noodles the next evening. 

Many thanks to Zerega for your donation of the Lasagna Noodles.

We owe so much thanks to all of the sponsors of our World’s Largest Lasagna…together we intend to raise an incredible amount of money for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.


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Buy it on EBAY

The World’s Largest Lasagna Ebay Auction has officially begun. Check it out here.

One lucky Ebay bidder will have the opportunity to purchase The World’s Largest Lasagna. It’s anyone’s guess whether they’ll decide to purchase one slice ($3) or the entire 35′ x 35′ lasagna ($28,800). We personally think this is a great opportunity for an individual or company to donate to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and take part in ownership of a World Record Lasagna.

I encourage everyone to check out our Ebay Auction and help raise the current bid. Remember 100% of our online auction will be donated to the Race for the Cure! Good Luck and Happy Bidding!


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Where’s the Beef?

Our first of many trucks arrived last evening around Midnight.  Our inventory now consists of:

  • 1,080 pounds of Pork
  • 320 pounds of Beef
  • 450 disposable pans and lids (16 cases)
  • 3,000 pairs of latex gloves
  • 1,500 hair nets
  • 6,000 feet of syran wrap
  • 75 pounds of salt
  • 50 pounds of bread crumbs

Today’s to-do list:

  • Placed the order for 15,000 Italian Flag Picks.  
  • Send Race for the Cure Volunteer shirts to screen printer to receive Spaghetti Warehouse Logo.  (Cross my fingers and hope they make it back to me before the event)
  • Hand number 6,000 lasagna cards for pre-race events (Thank you, Leah and Sofia)
  • Send volunteer instructions


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Freedom Middle School

Today I spent another day teaching students from Freedom Middle School how to prepare lasagna.  Overall the students seemed excited and intrigued about the World’s Largest Lasagna.  I was a little caught off guard by some of the random questions.  Here are some examples:

  • “Why are you wearing a bowtie and suspenders?”
  • “Why are you letting people eat the lasagna?  Shouldn’t you put it in a musuem and preserve it?”
  • “What if I build a lasagna bigger then yours next year?”
  • “Do you think that you’ll be crazy by the time you’re done making all of that lasagna?”

After a two hour class, twenty more students are now officially ready to prepare our Incredible 15 Layer Lasagna.  I’ll be sure to bring my dyson vacuum cleaner…this is gonna be a messy bunch!

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Have you seen the HUGE lasagna in the lobby at The Spaghetti Warehouse?

11\' x 10\' Photo of our Incredible 15 Layer LasagnaWalk through the front doors of The Spaghetti Warehouse at 26th & Smallman Streets in Pittsburgh and you’ll know they’re serious about the World’s Largest Lasagna.

Guests are instantly amazed by the 10′ tall and 11′ wide lasagna photo in the lobby.  We encourage everyone to step back and imagine what our World Record Lasagna will look like.  Imagine 35′ x 35′.  Breath taking, unimaginable, and once in a lifetime.


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Own a piece of the World’s Largest Lasagna…on sale now!


Tickets are now available for the World’s Largest Lasagna.  Advance tickets are now for sale in the lobby of The Spaghetti Warehouse, located at 26th & Smallman Streets in Pittsburgh.  Everyone is encouraged to purchase tickets in advance.  9,600 pieces of lasagna will be available at the finish line of the race for the cure.  Spaghetti Warehouse is making a very special offer for this event.  Make a $5 donation to the race for the cure at The Spaghetti Warehouse and you’ll receive a coupon for a slice at the race and a coupon for a Buy One, Get One Free lasagna (redeemable at the restaurant).

Tickets are also available at all Pittsburgh area Dick’s Sporting Goods locations on Saturday, May 3 and Sunday, May 4.  Look for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure table and volunteers.


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